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Stockbridge already researched blight in 2019. “It’s a good thing. We don’t have Blight,” says Stockbridge Economic Dir. Touchton. If our houses weren’t blight before the pandemic. They’re definitely not after all the renovations. Matter of fact, here’s James himself saying it…

The Royal High Council didn’t like the honest answer. So now, in 2022, the city of Stockbridge draft Tax Allocation District report promulgated by KBA is saying your house is garbage and you’re poor uneducated criminals. Random numbers from private metrics firms as in their report aren’t evidence. What they don’t have is Census numbers which they need. Notice, there’s no pictorial evidence of all this blight they supposedly found. In the video we have evidence against in Touchton’s speech and some body of work he created.

This should answer why the amphitheater is kept unnecessarily loud. So that when the completely invalid, low-ball eminent domain offers of half your property value roll in, you’ll shut up and take it. Rather than get a lawyer and receive a much better offer.

You can bet on another season of loud shows. I’ve heard it from Police Chief Trammer’s mouth. Then the bad offers and code enforcement arm twisting. This is how gentrification works. The police station. The two schools they closed 8 years ago. This is all part of a simple well known strategy.

“a nuisance can be loud noise” Councilmember Thomas

They say the roads are inadequate, so they need eminent domain power. They’re the party that made the road inadequate with 5000 guests we didn’t invite to our neighborhood. As you hear in the video above they knew the amphitheater would create a nuisance.

Part of enacting re-development powers is due to the depressed nature of business in the area. The state of business is because Stockbridge has placed a moratorium on literally everything. They have a moratorium on “Dollar Stores” that’s so vague no business with any sense would approach them. However, we do have a used sneaker store and “yoni steaming.” Would you open your restaurant next to one of these?

Steamed clams. 123 East Atlanta Road. Same block as City Hall and Amphitheater.

First they manufacture the bad conditions. Then they pick your pocket.

Who’s doing this to you? KB Advisory Group, The City of Stockbridge, The law firm of Smith Welch Webb & White (and Strickland) and their friend’s Eagle Excavation, along with the Henry Co. Government and School Board.

How can I prove this? HJ Russell used Eagle Excavation to build the amphitheater. Their registered agent is SWW&W, thereby probably attaching the firm. As Senator B. Strickland, along with his wife Lindsey show evidence of being in the music business, here. And they’re registered agent for the loud nuisance amphitheater’s construction. So I’ve come to believe they’re in on it. It’s quite a long process, but what are they going to do? Get a real job?

You pay their taxes.

In the original eminent domain cases starting in 2005, Buddy Welch was city attorney. So you see it’s something they’ve long desired. In the city’s minutes there’s ~6 results for ’eminent domain’. After a 16 year hiatus two of them are in 2022. What you won’t find in the minutes is the real contents of the PDF which declare your children delinquents.

“(A) A ‘blighted or distressed area’ is an area that is experiencing… are conducive to ill health, transmission of disease, infant mortality, high unemployment, juvenile delinquency”

Does that sound like your health? Your kids?

History repeats itself. But this time around. Don’t expect AJC or Henry Herald to publish anything but news of fake awards, given to an industry, by that same industry. That award given by the idiots at Atlanta Regional Commission that built Olde Town Morrow. Building retail in the parking lot of a retail mall was such a brilliant plan. Their next crime was 48 speakers located 700′ from my house. I protest the thing they got an award for with a megaphone from my back porch.

There is no “Park.”

You can read the Georgia Urban Redevelopment Act for yourself. In short order you should conclude that, a) your house isn’t the slum they say it is, and b) you aren’t some sickly criminal with delinquent kids, and c) that this is a lie in order to enact eminent domain powers they lost in 2008.

While Monarch Village is due for bulldozing if this murder is any indication. Right around the corner in the Spivey neighborhood Mitzi Bickers is going to prison for 14 years. Also in Spivey, known gangster Victor Hill is going to prison. If anything, the criminality and crowding is at the edge of, not the city nor the downtown, but all the way on the edge of the county. No mere delinquents. High profile government officials become criminals over there. Businesses are extorted by our own council members with millions in settlements paid out, after the lawsuit’s award, lawyers and city staff time are summed.

The Henry Herald declared “Eminent Domain Battle Ends” and I’m here to tell you. The City of Stockbridge Municipal Corporation is repeating that same plan from 2004 that tried to take Meek’s Flower Shop.

The finding of blight is the key. You can see that on these slides from Andrew Young Inst. at GSU. Caselaw on OCGA 36-44* concerning the Atlanta Beltline TAD can be read here. California Redevelopment Association v. Ana Matosantos outlines why taking money from schools, and property from people to build a Staryucks or a hateful chicken sandwich place is a bad idea. Matosantos is the case that ended TIF (TAD) in California.

How low will they go? “The quagmire of bureaucracy can sometimes blind officials to the very personal consequences of ushering a family out of their home. In Hurst, Texas, the prospect of a large shopping mall meant over 100 houses would need to be vacated and demolished in 1997. Leonard Prohs was among 10 homeowners trying to hold out, though he requested an extension for a very valid reason: His wife was in an area hospital dying of brain cancer. The court refused his request. According to the Free-Lance Star, Prohs had to leave his wife’s bedside in order to move his belongings out. The land was eventually occupied by, among other stores, a Pet Smart and a Starbucks.” Paragraph credit and thanks to Jake Rossen from first link.

Junkyards. 95% mobile homes, 99% higher than their report.

The trailers behind Dewberry’s gas station between Highway 23/42 and Rhonda Dr. for instance. However the 166 homes mentioned in the city’s report are not blight. Not even close, compared to the plentiful predatory slums you find on either side of the city. I should know. I’m from those dilapidated trailers. Even so, it’s not the city’s place to take property for private development.

Have you budgeted for thousand percent increases on your tax assessment? “… the Camp Creek TAD in East Point, created in 2003, has seen assessed values increase by 14,573 percent; and in the adjacent Princeton Lakes TAD, assessed values have increased by 13,728 percent.” Of course the value of that increase isn’t for the residents. It’s a voodoo economic they apply to big box retail. Thus pumping their $Ticker numbers in other valuation markets. This is why parting off Sears and JC Penny was more profitable than selling products. They’re real estate holding corporations at the end of the day. No 1/8 acre plot in East Point is actually worth $4,000,000. Not without the college of corporations and their desolate 10 acre asphalt desert.

‘One of the biggest fears I have, is the owners downtown will capitalize on the assets they have’ Paraphrased, Fmr. Stockbridge Econ. Dir. Touchton

Their answer to Touchton’s honesty was to no longer employ the entire management team. So they hired Gardiner, whom you’ll hear next. Keep in mind, in the first video from 2019, Touchton said “blight rules have changed since 2004. They’re strict.” Contrast that with Gardiner in November 2022. “Unless they’ve changed something since I’ve done one in 2012,” Fred says at 27:18 in the following presentation.

Stockbridge. I don’t think they’ve thought this through.

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